This Week in The Space Review

The crew of Apollo 11
The crew of Apollo 11

This week in The Space Review:

3-2-1 splashdown! A review of Hornet Plus Three
Dwayne Day reviews a book that offers details about the splashdown and recovery of Apollo 11.

Apollo and America’s Cold War (part 2)
Taylor Dinerman continues his examination of the political forces surrounding Project Apollo with a look at the role Lyndon Johnson played in shaping NASA and Apollo to fit his goals.

To Boldly Go… Where Others Have Gone Before
Edward Ellegood looks at what lessons previous blue ribbon panels have to offer to the Augustine committee.

The Past and Future of British Human Spaceflight
Jeff Foust reports on a recent event that was as much a way to honor those Britons who have flown in space as it was part of an effort to promote human spaceflight in the country.

The Numbers Game
Brian Weeden explains the challenges in identifying and tracking satellites and debris, and how the US military and others can improve this effort.

The First Space Cadets
Dwayne Day describes how a few officers—the “Space Cadets”—helped get the Air Force’s first satellite program off the ground.