Happy Canada Day!


Just returned from the Canada Day party at the ISU session at NASA Ames.

Me and Canadian ISU alumna (and SU student) Shawna Pandya. (Credit: Jim Keravala)

I confess to not really knowing what exactly Canada Day celebrates, what Canada actually is (a country? state? state of mind?), or much of anything else about our neighbor to the west (east? south?). I have been told I have ancestors from there on my dad’s side. So, I should probably know more.

I’ll Google it.

Shawna Pandya with Flaii founder Jim Keravala (ISU 97).

I can unequivocal say one thing:

They know how to throw a damn fine party (even if the most of the beer was Tecate and Corona, which I’m pretty sure is Dutch and Japanese).


Anyway, Happy Canada Day. Hope it’s a great one.

And just remember that in three days, it’s America’s birthday. And it’s going to blows you guys out of the water. Or permafrost. Or…whatever.

U-S-A! U-S-A!