Group of Aerospace Heavyweights Examines Point-to-Point Hypersonic Travel

An informal organization called the Fast Forward Group has recently been formed to examine issues related to hypersonic travel, according to Derek Webber of Spaceport Associates.  The group includes major U.S. government agencies (NOAA, FAA),  large aerospace behemouths (Lockheed Martin, Boeing), and the leading companies in the emerging space tourism market (Virgin Galactic, XCOR). There is also one anonymous major cargo carrier.

Webber revealed the existence of the group during a talk at Google headquarters in Mountain View, Calif. on May 21. He said it had been recently formed to scope out the market and technologies involved in point-to-point travel on Earth.

The group’s members include:

Spaceworks Engineering (SEI)
Andrews Space
Oklahoma Spaceport
Spaceport America
Rocketplane Global
Virgin Galactic
Space Florida
Sierra Nevada Corporation
Lockheed Martin