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Briefing Keeps Staffers Informed on Space Weapons

By Doug Messier
Parabolic Arc
June 28, 2009
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The Space Foundation and the Secure World Foundation co-hosted a standing-room-only policy briefing on space weapons earlier this week in Washington, D.C.

The audience comprised primarily congressional staff, representing the House and the Senate at both an office and a committee level. Other attendees included representatives from a number of major aerospace companies.

Space Foundation Vice President – Washington Operations and Government Affairs Brendan Curry moderated a panel featuring: Brian Weeden, a consultant with Secure World Foundation on space security and sustainability issues; Bruce MacDonald, senior director with the Congressional Commission on the Strategic Posture of the United States; and Eric Sterner, a fellow with the George C. Marshall Institute.

The panelists addressed a variety of technical, policy, geo-political, and legal considerations regarding space weapons, including the need for “rules of the road” for space operators and for a solid verification mechanism for arms control agreements. They also talked about how the unique characteristics of the space environment require extra vigilance and cooperation from all operators and about the need for space debris remediation.

The briefing was part of the Space Foundation’s ongoing program to educate elected officials and their staffs about space issues and developments.

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  1. amalie says:

    In 2004 such DC policy briefings and panels brought in the very few, now these events are standing room only … congressional interest for the space security topics has certainly become much more available over the past five years. Insight within the outstanding space security issues will also enable additional focus into the space development issues, both as exploration and for the manifest space based information and communications assets, and dimensions are comprehensive and global in scale. A measure of US leadership at this juncture will bring up the closely related US space security, development and applications topics as outreach and collaborative engagement into the international community.

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