Virginia Space Flight Authority Official Receives Entrepreneur Award


Entrepreneurs receive honors
The Hampton Roads Business Journal

Inside Business in conjunction with Regent University’s School of Global Leadership & Entrepreneurship hosted the 2009 Entrepreneurial Excellence Awards June 22 at The Founders Inn in Virginia Beach.

In all, 11 businesspeople received honors and Billie Reed, executive director of the Virginia Commercial Space Flight Authority, was given the 2009 Entrepreneur of the Year Award for his work to bring the authority from being 100 percent supported by public funds to 85 percent self-supported.

His award also honors the eventual launch of operations and services for clients valued at more than $200 million as well as a partnership with Orbital Sciences Corp., valued at $1.9 billion to resupply the International Space Station.

Honoree Billie Reed is the executive director of the VCSFA in conjunction with the NASA Wallops Flight Facility and Mid Atlantic Regional Spaceport located on the Eastern Shore.

The facility offers a platform for small, medium and heavy lift rocket payloads, including the re-supply missions to the International Space Station. It is one of four spaceports in the USA licensed by the FAA to send rockets into orbit. It is also considered the future home of space tourism.

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