Billionaut Space Tourist Laliberté Sues to Stop Racy, Tell-All Bio


Sex, Drugs and Cirque du Soleil

The latest such scandal comes from our neighbors to the north, as Cirque du Soleil creator (and billionaire) Guy Laliberté is suing to try to stop the distribution of an unauthorized biography that details his decadent, celeb-studded parties featuring drugs, wild sex and “busloads of prostitutes.”

The controversy started when Canadian news magazine Macleans published an exclusive excerpt from Ian Halperin’s book, “The Fabulous Story of the Creator of the Cirque du Soleil.” Halperin is a former street performer who used his contacts to gain access to Laliberté’s world, resulting in such R-rated anecdotes as the following from the book:

One of his close friends, “Jake,” recalls when Robert De Niro attended in 2001 while in town shooting the film “The Score,” which turned out to be legendary star Marlon Brando’s last flick before he died. De Niro was known for dating beautiful black women. “I rounded up the hottest black strippers, prostitutes and models in Montreal and invited them to Guy’s party,” Jake reveals. “Guy likes to do anything and everything to please his guests.”

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Billionaire impresario sues over tale of sex and drugs and the Cirque du Soleil
The Independent

Guy Laliberté, the billionaire impresario whose troupe will today celebrate its 25th birthday, has announced plans to sue the publishers of an unauthorised biography which depicts him as a bed-hopping scoundrel with an inexhaustible appetite for sex, drugs, and a rock and roll lifestyle….

During the parties, global business leaders, politicians, and Hollywood stars were entertained by Cirque du Soleil performers, and provided with millions of dollars of fine food and wine. Author Ian Halperin, who quotes dozens of former guests, details heroic displays of debauchery. “Everything you wanted was available at Guy’s parties,” said Myra Jones, a Milan-based fashion model who attended several of the events. “Drugs, the best music spun by famous DJs flown in from Europe and the USA, and the wildest sex you could ever imagine.”

The book claims that Laliberté’s assistants invited busloads of prostitutes from his native Montreal to the parties, which were attended by the likes of Robert DeNiro and Sir Paul McCartney. Mere B-list guests were required to sign a confidentiality agreement before attending.

“It was beyond crazy; it was complete insanity for hours. Everyone was so beautiful and so free,” said Angie Everhart, a Playboy model. “If there was a straight person in the house they must have freaked out watching everyone else trip. They would have thought they were the one on drugs.”