UN to Pursue Space Weapons Ban Negotiations

Over at Aviation Week, Jeffrey Manber reports some news coming out of the UN about space weapons:

The United Nations Conference on Disarmament, the Geneva-based 65-nation group that has been stuck in a diplomatic quagmire for the past decade, announced two surprising breakthroughs two weeks ago.

The first concerned creating rules prohibiting the production of nuclear-grade materials, even among nations with nuclear weapons. The second was the equally dramatic agreement to create a working group to seek an end to weapons in space.

Manber sees these developments – done with the blessing of the Obama Administration – as good news:

For the space community there are only good implications. Sure, it could well take another decade to reach an agreement. But in the meantime it will send a signal of goodwill to other spacefaring nations, with spillover effects for increased cooperation in the civil and commercial sectors.

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