Franklin Chang Diaz Profile


I found a story (in Spanish) on Franklin Chang Diaz, the former NASA astronaut who heads up Ad Astra Rocket Company. Below is an excerpt in English courtesy of Google Translate.

Why support Franklin Chang?

I had the pleasure of meeting Franklin Chang in June 2006 with a handful of notes on his experiences at NASA with the physics of plasma.

His long career in the space race, after reaching the orbit of the earth seven times, had given him the vision to develop new ideas on the development of space propulsion, yea, a new era is developing in the exploration space.

His fighting spirit, made years ago, after working 25 years at NASA, we did see that there is a way forward in the fight to turn the vision of the plasma engine, the foundations of a new company (Ad Astra) .

Therefore, Franklin began his dream in the company of a team of high level science and technology, the patent engine plasma (Vasimr) of NASA and the ideal of Costa Rica to enter a new market: the space industry.

Read the full story (original in Spanish).