South Korea Joins the Space Race with Russia’s Help

Space Dreams
The Korea Times

South Korea has emerged as the world’s 13th country to operate a space center. The nation opened its first such center Thursday to place satellites in orbit and develop its own rocket technology. The opening has laid the ground for Korea’s joining in the space race with advanced countries such as the U.S., Russia and Japan.

The Naro Space Center on the southern coast will serve as a Mecca for the country’s rocket development and space exploration program. Local companies have completed the construction of the center by introducing Russian design and technology since they broke ground December 2000.

The three key elements of space exploration are a space center, satellites and rockets. The country has succeeded in localizing 80 percent of Russian technology for building the Naro Space Center. That is, it has made significant technological breakthroughs in a short period. It only took the country 19 months to build a launch pad, a shorter period than world-renowned experts expected.

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