Peeps in Space


Washington, DC’s annual Artomatic show is underway. The free annual showcase of local art is being held on eight floors of an empty office building on Half Street Southeast from now through July 5.

“It’s got everything from soup to nuts, but there’s a lot more nuts than soup,” a friend warned me. Not to be dissauded, I checked it out on Thursday and was pleasantly surprised.

I found one exhibit that I thought was especially brilliant. The Peeps exhibit consists of a series of art pieces that use small marshmallow candies that are usually consumed during at Easter. A number of the pieces had space and aviation themes.

A Giant Leap for Peepkind


Marking the 40th anniversary of the Apollo 11 flight, two Peeps walk on the surface while their colleague gazes down from orbit.

Metro in the 24th Century


The Washington Metro System in the 24th century by way of Star Trek, complete with transporter pads.

Klaatu Barada Peepto


The science fiction classic about an alien who comes to save Earth from itself is reimagined as “The Day the Earth Stood Peeped.” This is waaaayyy better than the Keanu Reeves remake.