NASA Lunar Orbiter to Gaze Back at Cold War Past

Over at, Craig Covault reports that NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter will have enough resolution to allow scientists to find previous exploration efforts on the surface:

LRO will also provide an exciting new window on the past, says Craig Tooley, LRO project manager at the Goddard Space Flight Center which heads the project.

The LRO team has been developing a computerized target list “with coordinates on about 50 high priority locations that involve all six Apollo landing sites and dozens of U. S. and Soviet robotic spacecraft touchdown points,” says Benjamin J. Neumann director for advanced capabilities at NASA Å’s Exploration Mission Directorate.

“We will be in a polar orbit that will overfly everything that has ever landed on the Moon at only 50 km. (31 mi.) altitude,” says Cathy Peddie the LRO deputy project manager at Goddard.

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