Orlando Sentinel: Fire Space Florida President Kohler

Space Florida
Space Florida

Citing an “economic calamity” that Florida’s Space Coast is facing as NASA winds down its shuttle program, the Orlando Sentinel is urging Gov. Charlie Crist to replace Space Florida President Steve Kohler.

The newspaper says that Kohler has done a poor job of running the state agency, which is charged with promoting space development in Florida. The organization has spent millions of dollars, accomplished very little, and has been plagued by questionable contracting practices, the Sentinel says in a Sunday editorial.

Florida absolutely needs an effort dedicated to filling the economic chasm that will be left by the retirement of the shuttle. But it also needs capable leadership in that effort. The current crew at Space Florida isn’t getting the job done.

Gov. Charlie Crist, who promised that the new launchpad would bring “jobs, jobs, jobs,” and Lt. Gov. Jeff Kottkamp, who is chairman of Space Florida’s board, need to use their clout to clean house at the agency. That starts with a new president to replace Mr. Kohler.

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