Virgin Galactic’s Whitehorn Joins ISDC Roster

National Space Society

The National Space Society’s blog has a few updates on the International Space Development Conference, which is set for May 28-31 in Orlando.

Will Whitehorn, President of Virgin Galactic, has been added to the program. NSS is also selling tickets for lunches and dinners which will feature some prominent space figures.

Projected Keynote Speaker for Meals

Wednesday Lunch:
Jon A McBride, Captain, USN (Ret.), Former NASA Astronaut

Thursday Luncheon:
Elon Musk, Co-founder of PayPal and Space Exploration Technologies

Thursday Dinner:
Richard Garriott, Sixth private citizen to conduct a space mission aboard the ISS

Friday Luncheon:
Janet Petro, Deputy Director, NASA Kennedy Space Center

Friday Gala:
Special Guest To Be Announced

Saturday Luncheon:
Dr. Buzz Aldrin, Apollo 11 Astronaut; Founder, ShareSpace Foundation; NSS Governor

Saturday Dinner:

Conference information is available here.