Space Florida’s Kohler: Orlando Sentinel Out to Get Us

Space Florida
Space Florida

In a letter to Space Florida stakeholders, President Steve Kohler disputed an Orlando Sentinel story claiming that his agency is not making any progress on a  commercial launch facility at Cape Canaveral. He also accused the newpaper of running a campaign to discredit his agency.

Kohler says that Space Florida has cooperated with all information requests from the Sentinel. He added:

“While we have cooperated in good faith with all requests, it is clear an agenda to discredit Space Florida by the Orlando Sentinel is being pursued. It is clear  that quotes and references to conversations have been truncated or positioned to form negative positioning of all of our efforts. In fact, in the printed version of this newspaper story it states:

Coming Wednesday

Records obtained by the Orlando Sentinel show that Space Florida has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on lobbyists in Washington and out-of-state trips to national conferences to bolster its efforts to find cash and customers for its planned Cape Canaveral launch pad — all to no avail.

Space Florida is working to continue to advance the achievements that have been made to date. While this type of reporting can be distracting, our staff is aggressively proceeding with the work in front of us.