Insurance Underwriter: Space Tourism Likely to Succeed

Artists conception of SpaceX\'s Dragon spacecraft in orbit has an interesting interview with David Wade, who is a space underwriter with Atrium Space Insurance Consortium (ASIC). He had some interesting things to say about space tourism, commercial cargo delivery to ISS, and the problems posed by space junk.

Apart from satellites, what else in space will need insuring in the future?

Satellites will remain the focus of the space insurance market for the foreseeable future. Although space tourism is discussed and eyed as a potential market, at least for the next decade the majority of space tourist activities will be suborbital in nature.

Most of the vehicles that are likely to be successful in this arena are more like aircraft with rocket engines strapped to them, as opposed to rockets with wings.

One area that is likely to come to the space market however will be the commercial flights of goods and provisions to the international space station. When the space shuttle is retired next year, NASA intends to launch food, water and experiments to the space station using a commercial service.

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