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Surrey Space Centre Teams Up with Chinese on Lunar Rover

By Doug Messier
Parabolic Arc
April 16, 2009
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Space Centre to Develop Lunar Rovers
UK Trade & Investments

Surrey Space Centre is joining forces with one of China’s top engineers to develop lunar rovers.

The Royal Academy of Engineering is to provide funding for UK-based space engineer Dr Yang Gao to develop a new generation of lunar rovers, used to explore the surface of the moon.

It is hoped the developments will pave the way for future moon exploration, including the proposed Moonraker lander mission by the UK and China’s Chang’e programme, which is in its second phase and successfully launched its lunar orbiter Chang’e 1 in November 2007.

Together Dr Gao, who is a lecturer in space autonomy at the space centre of the University of Surrey, and Associate Professor Hehua Ju of the Beijing University of Technology will develop technology and information exchanges with China and India.

Both engineers will investigate onboard guidance, navigation and control systems for a lunar rover in a bid to allow the vehicle to operate autonomously.

The team will work to create a robust stereo-vision system, with a precision of centimetres, which will allow image transfer despite the bright sunlight present on the moon’s surface.

The research, which is one of the first projects supported by the UK’s Royal Academy of Engineering, will also investigate autonomous functions crucial to a lunar mission.

Part of the project will be spent developing a remote control station in Surrey to operate during field tests in China of a latest lunar rover prototype.

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