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Moonwalker Buzz Pushes Human Mars Mission

By Doug Messier
Parabolic Arc
April 13, 2009
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Howry: Buzz Aldrin pushing for settlements on Mars
Ventura County Star

Aldrin is worried about the direction the space program is taking, and thinks it would be a terrible waste of time and money to engage the Chinese in a race back to the moon. As he put it, unless there is something to be gained — economically, scientifically, or something else he’s unaware of — why do we want to get into a race to a place we’ve been before? He sees nothing to gain from it.

He is pushing NASA to spend the time, energy and money on a program to establish settlements on Mars. According to Aldrin’s plan, in 2016, the U.S. would send an exploration crew to Mars’ moon. From there, exploring the surface through operating the Mars Rover would be much easier, effective and efficient.

After the initial exploration from Mars’ moon, the first settlers would land on the planet in 2019 and colonize it. This part of Aldrin’s plan is going to be a tough sell. Those settlers would be given a one-way ticket. There would be no return. According to Aldrin, the costs associated with providing a round trip would make the whole venture too expensive.

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  1. Maxwell Smart says:

    Let China, India Russia make the Mistakes… We in Time Will Pick up the Pieces and Storm Ahead at Full Speed….Re-group and format a Golden Fail-Safe Methodology to Conform/Change to the different plans in the making!We learn from other’s Mistakes!!

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