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Ex-ISRO Chief Says Indian Space Agency Needs More Money

By Doug Messier
Parabolic Arc
April 13, 2009
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Ex-ISRO Chief Calls for Greater Investment in Space Research
Star of Mysore

Prof. U.R. Rao, former Chairman, Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), today called for greater investment in space research as the country’s progress owed a great deal to satellite technology.

He said the field of Information Communication Technology (ICT) had made tremendous progress in the world as well as in India. Satellites were the modern vehicles of global connectivity, Prof. Rao said adding that developed and developing countries were separated nowadays based on their achievements in Space Technology.

The communication capacity needed to be doubled in the country in order to successfully face the nine challenges the country was facing for sustaining the rate of its progress namely (a) Food security – precision farming, (b) Energy security – Wastage reduction and efficiency, (c) Environment security – Global warming and climatology, (d) Resource security – Judicious use of water, (e) Space Security – Check on urbanisation, (f) Transportation – Monitoring pollution, (g) Search for life – Planetary hunt, (h) Exploring the Universe and (i) Colonisation of Mars as a permanent habitat, Prof. Rao opined.

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One response to “Ex-ISRO Chief Says Indian Space Agency Needs More Money”

  1. Manimaran Iyangar says:

    Please fwd this mail to Prof.Rao and get his response.
    Gov should NOT give any fund to ISRO for abusing it. This is the blood of POOR people of the Country.

    FIRST let the Gov put those corrupted executives in JAIL like Satyam Chief. After that let our Gov issue fund to NEW ISRO Chief with GOOD integrity.

    Following mails are SHAMEFUL to the NATION. I am copying from the web….ASK Prof.U.R.Rao to read thoroughly and propose punishment to his former colleague Mr.G.Madhavan Nair. It is further shameful that this man got Z-category security. —A non-Scientist and a stupid politician…

    forwarded mail attached……
    shocking ISRO corruption news …..

    AN OPEN LETTER TO DR.MANMOHAN SINGH The Hon’ble Prime Minister of India


    Sub: ISRO (False) News Maker and his SUN Mission! Once you had highlighted to our Nation that science must be harnessed in full. We too agree with you, Sir but the fact is that our Nation’s top research organization’s (ISRO) management is not capable to retain the best talents for meeting the needs of our country due to the unhealthy and unproductive working culture created by the present intellectually challenged ISRO Chairman Mr.(Dr.) G.Madhavan Nair (66). Now Mr.Nair is acting like a third-rated politician for publicity. Mr.Nair’s recent announcement through all TV media/press for SUN Mission created a VERY BAD image to the ISRO Scientists and now they are dejected to face even the high school students, public and scientific community due to embracing questions on SUN Mission. International forum is fingering the Scientific Community of India and laughing on Nair’s SUN mission. This was visible reflected during the Centenary Conference at the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. Nobody clapped their hands when some of the delegates from your office made passing reference on MOON MISSION success because Scientific community is aware of the real truth behind the MOON MISSION. Report reveals that even the Group D employees are laughing but our poor media seems keeping selective deafness presumably due to the ISRO Chairman’s post flight treat! The ISRO community will not be wonder to hear Mr.Nair’s further brainless statement “awaiting central ministry approval” on “MANNED MISSION TO SUN” for getting top NEWS MAKER award from some local daily. A man with minimum common sense will not make these types of statements openly. Sir, you can now easily infer how much blunder Mr.Nair is making within ISRO. If anybody opposes his blunders he/she will be demoralized in all respect. This is the main reason that most of the graduates/postgraduates from the top institutes of our country are leaving from ISRO. Mr.Nair made open comments that he will manage ISRO with diploma holders. Once this brains drain topic was came up for discussion before the Parliament but it ended without solution. Having known the ISRO unhealthy working culture the high profile Ph.D candidates are reluctant to apply to ISRO. We wonder why our media is NOT questioning Mr.Nair and his SUN Mission? Why they are not asking whereabouts of the Indian Flag carried by the CHANDRAYAAN? Why media is not asking about the useful outcome of the MOON MISSION. Why media is not revealing Mr.Nair’s hidden agenda? We heard that the popular Malayalam News paper figured ISRO Chairman’s name for NEWS MAKER AWARD-2008. We do have sympathy about it owing to the fact that our MOON MISSION was not a technological success because its main objective was not yet met; moreover the whereabouts of the instruments and the Indian Flag carrying the MOON IMPACT PROBE (MIP) is not known. Our service rules prohibit us to make open statement against Mr.Nair and his unproductive, dishonest and illegal dealings; so this communication to a talented Prime Minister like you, Sir for necessary action for examining the matter through an independent outside agency aiming to replace Mr.Nair from ISRO. Also you may please take necessary step for the smooth exit of 66 year old Mr.Nair from both ISRO and its connected ISRO-ANTRIX cooperation forthwith. Now Mr.Nair is planning MANNED MOON MISSION for further publicity and most of the central ministers without knowing the scientific fact appreciating the project. We must say that Mr.Nair is abusing the PSLV rocket for publicity instead of focusing on basic research for GSLV rocket development for getting revenue to the country, which is at the cost of the tax payees’ money. There is a say among common man “if you give poor mileage vehicle to your son he will spoil your family through big financial burden; similarly Mr.Nair is putting our country in burden through unproductive launches using the low performance PSLV for pleasing politicians under the pretext of Nations prestige (!!) for getting his undeserving service extension. Your advisor Prof.CNR Rao once commented we need Scientists for Nation building and not Managers of these type. Sir, please note that launching of GSLV is of urgent need to our country for that we need highly qualified Scientists. Henceforth we should not go to French Guyana for Satellite launching. Mr.Nair got hidden agenda in this regard. It will be unproductive to our country in all respect. Please divert fund for indigenization of GSLV on priority basis instead of approving unscientific missions. For meeting these challenges Sir, you may please find an internationally recognized Scientist on space science and technology with ethics and vision for the ISRO Chair/Secretary DoS post forthwith. As per your earlier published data we have only 157 Scientists and Engineers per million people involved in research and development. Korea (South) had 50 times more and the United States and Japan over 30 times more. Quality and output is another issue. In 10 years, China has overtaken India in the number of scientific research papers published in internationally peer-reviewed journals. In fact they published three times our number. Mr.Nair never published a paper in international journals. He had come up in ISRO through unfair way. We reserve further comments against ISRO Chair at this point of time. If the UPA government further entertain the BJP nominated Mr.Nair, the ISRO News Maker, our qualified Scientists number will decrease further exponentially, which will scuttle the development of our nation. Forwarded to you for your thoughtful decision at an early date. JAI HIND With warm regards,

    Scientific community of ISRO BANGALORE

    Cc: News Maker-2008 Award Committee / Press

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