Cobb Resigns as NASA Inspector General

NASA’s Embattled Inspector General Resigns

NASA’s embattled Inspector General Robert “Moose” Cobb has resigned from his post as the space agency’s internal watchdog after years of criticism from lawmakers.

Cobb’s resignation, announced by NASA late Thursday, will go into effect on April 11 and comes amid a renewed call for his removal after the release of Government Accountability Office (GAO) earlier this year criticizing his track record.

The Jan. 9 GAO report evaluated 28 inspectors general on their cost-saving abilities through audits and investigations, rating NASA’s Office of Inspector General second to last in 2007. Among other criticisms, the GAO report found that NASA audits and investigations yielded a 36-cent return for every dollar spent, while the average for all federal inspectors general was $9.49.

After the January report, lawmakers urged President Barack Obama to remove Cobb from his post.

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