Space Adventures CEO Foresees Competition on Orbital Transport

The end of the line for space tourism?

Space Adventures is already talking about renting a space capsule that could take two tourists into space along with a professional commander. [CEO Eric] Anderson said an initial agreement has already been signed with Roskosmos and missions could start from 2012. The tourist missions would help the space programme by bringing additional supplies to the ISS.

“We’d provide additional Soyuz missions… it’s something that would be beneficial to the ISS,” said Anderson.

Looking ahead, he said that partnerships other than with the Russian space agency were feasible, with China and India pressing ahead with their own space programmes.

“My belief is within a decade there will be five or six different ways to go to orbit,” predicted Anderson. “There’ll be competition and there’ll be a lot of people who will have the ability to fly in space. We’re trying to work with all of them.”

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