This Week in The Space Review…

The Space Review has a number of interesting articles this week:

Review: Earthrise
Eve Lichtgarn reviews a book that examines the history behind Apollo 8’s Earth rise photo and its effect on society.

Beginning the journey of a thousand miles?
Dean Cheng describes the obstacles to U.S.-China cooperation in space work and the prospects for meaningful cooperation in the near term.

Does the ISS have a future?
Taylor Dinerman outlines the questions about the station as it nears completion.

Battle’s Laws
Dwayne Day recounts an early event that demonstrated the need for proper systems engineering and the lessons learned.

Liberals, space activists, and the Great Orange Satan
Ferris Valyn examines just how interested liberals are in space and what more can be done to convince them to support it.

From Project Gemini to the final frontier
Dwayne Day describes his role in the intersection of Star Trek and NASA’s race to the moon.