Scotland: An Emerging Space Power?

Reaching for the stars will soon be a reality in Lossie
The Northern Scot

The company, which is developing its White Knight shuttle craft in America, has expressed an interest in establishing a mission control here in Moray from which it would take space tourists to an altitude of 110km in a MAC 3 climb, to experience 15 minutes of zero gravity as they look down on earth.

The shuttle could also be used to launch satellites, with the whole space programme having the potential to provide a massive boost to the local economy through the creation of new jobs and bringing visitors to stay and spend.

Speaking after the meeting Mr Robertson said: “Until recently, most people would have thought that commercial space flight was just science fiction. With test flights already underway, it is increasingly likely that these flights will be a reality in the next few years.

“Scotland offers the right combination of aeronautical, technical and climactic factors to host these flights and RAF Lossiemouth in Moray is acknowledged as the leading site for operations.

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