Microgravity Enterprises Pushes “Made in Space” Products

What´s all this Buzz about a Lifestyle Beverage that´s been in Space?
American Chronicle

American innovation and know how—as the saying goes, “You Gotta´ Love It.” Creating something new, unique and utilitarian—now– that creates a news story.

Microgravity Enterprises has taken the cutting edge—of what will be called Space Products– by storm. With the creation and marketing of Antimatterâ„¢ Energy/Lifestyle Beverage, the energy beverage market has been trumped.

No more wild, crazy parties required in television commercials; no more extreme sports demonstrations or crazy flying machines. How can one top a rocket flying into space, belching fire and blasting its way through the ozone, only to be recovered after it encounters microgravity?

“It´s a totally different approach to a type of beverages which have, quite honestly, gotten commodity-oriented into the American lifestyle,” says Darryl Hupfer, the VP of Sales and Operations of Microgravity Enterprises. “Rich Glover, our founder, saw the opportunity to produce and develop a series of products– which have flown into space. As a matter of fact, you can even visit our website and see the flight that took some of the ingredients of your drink into the cosmos.”

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