Vote Colbert!

NASA has gotten more than it bargained for when it decided to ask for public input on naming the new Node 3 space station module.

Faux pundit Stephen Colbert – host of The Colbert Report on Comedy Central – has begun a campaign to get the new module named after himself. His viewers have responded, vaunting his name to the top of the write-in list.

The good news is that NASA is getting much more publicity for the space station than it would normally have received. But, what happens if the comedian’s name ends up besting NASA’s four designated choices – Earthrise, Legacy, Serenity and Venture?

“We think that the ‘Colbert’ entry is great, and are excited that Mr. Colbert and his audience have taken an interest in the contest,” said Jacob Keaton, space station program analyst and manager of the Name the Node Contest.

Keaton also told that there were no special provisions for dealing with unusual or downright wacky names, but that NASA would use the public’s opinion as a large part of the final decision.

So far, the frontrunner is “Serenity,” but anything could happen before voting ends on March 20. So, if you are so inclined, write in Colbert’s name and let’s see if we can’t give NASA a dilemma to deal with two weeks from now.