Will Space Tourism Come to Virginia’s Eastern Shore?

Jack Kennedy has an interesting post over at the Spaceports blog about activities in Virginia:

Accomack County is now seeking over $8-million in federal stimulus funding to expand the Wallops Flight Facility runways to lure winged spacecraft to the Eastern Shore.

The NASA-run spaceport is primarily used for smaller rockets. Officials have been expanding it, largely to accommodate Orbital Sciences Corporation’s new Taurus 2 booster that will supply cargo to the International Space Station.

This is the first I have heard that officials are trying to lure space tourism companies there. At least I assume this is aimed at tourism operators, unless the effort is aimed at pilotless suborbital hypersonic vehicles.

Kennedy also reports that the Virginia General Assembly has approved $10 million in bonds for improvements for improvements to the Wallops Island spaceport. This expenditure is in addition to $16 million that Virginia has spent improving the facility over the past two years.

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