China to Begin Work on New Spaceport for New-Gen, Space Station Launches

New space launch center to be built in China’s southernmost Hainan

China will start the construction of a new space launch center in the southernmost Hainan Province in the near future, according to military sources.

The State Council and the Central Military Commission approved the new space launch center at the end of 2008. It features high carriage efficiency, high launch capacity, and low launch costs, said the sources.

The new space launch center will be in Wenchang City, and it will be divided into three parts, with functions to transfer, test, and launch rocket-carriers, and provide logistic, meteorological, telecommunications and technological services.

The Wenchang Space Launch Center is designed for launching new-generation rocket-carriers and space vehicles like geo-synchronous (GEO) satellites, polar-orbiting satellites, space stations and deep-space exploration satellites.

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