Virgin’s Green Efforts Get a Bit Awkward has an interesting piece about Virgin Galactic. Nothing much new about the flights or company, but it does point out some of the contradictory impulses that are underlying Richard Branson’s efforts on climate change.

Critics claim the flights will be “fossil fuel-burning space tourism flights” but Branson has promised the crafts will carry scientific instruments for gathering new data on climate change.

Yes, flying joyriding millionauts into the upper atmosphere while measuring the pollution up there is a bit contradictory. But, that’s not all:

With Virgin also being heavily linked to buying the Honda Formula 1 team, Virgin is walking a fine line in convincing the public of its green credentials.

Ah, carbon spewing race cars. Not good.

But there is potential in such ventures, in exploring green technologies, which will eventually filter down into our road cars.

Possibly. Branson is putting a good amount of money into sustainable technologies, including biofuels.

The potential is enormous to not only ensure future sustainability but also in human development that includes our chance to be astronauts, even if it is only for six minutes.

We’ll see.

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