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Space Tourism Price Comparison for Millionauts

By Doug Messier
Parabolic Arc
February 21, 2009
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The Boston Globe does a little price comparison on suborbital tourism, putting Virgin Galactic and XCOR side-by-side. The former is offering suborbital flights for $200,000, while XCOR will fly passengers to the edge of space for “only” $95,000.

“Perhaps but the biggest difference between the two offerings seems to be that the Virgin folks plan to let passengers leave their seats for a bit to experience weightlessness, said Catherine R. Wygant of Hurley Travel Experts of Portland, an ‘‘accredited space agent’’ for Virgin.

“If you fly RocketShip you get to experience significant G forces, wear cool gear, and get a great view of the geography of parts of the big blue marble, but you’re pretty much strapped in for the flight. No floating around the cabin.

“But, hey, what do you expect for $95,000?”

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