E2O Seeks to Reduce Space Tourism Ticket to $10K

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Central Chronicle

Susmita Mohanty of Earth2Orbit (E2O), which is in the nascent stage of working on a space tourism profile with the possibility of five launched every day, gives the hope that the cost of travelling could come down to a mere US$10,000 per head for a trip to outer space and back.

E20 has on its agenda to be able to offer frequent orbital flights and proposes to put into place innovative technologies to bring down the cost of space travel. Like other space tourism outfits, it also views this aspect of tourism as a big business opportunity. Interestingly, a survey carried out in Japan in 1993 had revealed that around 70 per cent respondents had expressed their interest to travel to space and almost half of them even said they were willing to pay their three months salary to do so.

Meanwhile, Virgin Galactic, space tourism company, owned by billionaire Richard Branson has signed a 20 years lease agreement with Spaceport America based in New Mexico as a first step towards inaugurating the era of regular orbital trips by the end of this decade. Further, it has revealed that it will make use of a space port in Sweden as one of the launch sites for commercial spaceflights. The successful maiden flight of White Knight2 launch system in December last — marking the first step towards the operational use of the system-has paved the way for laying the foundations of Spaceport America.

The space tourism company is optimistic of sending 600-odd tourists in the very first year of its initiating the service. On another front, Virgin Galactic has already put 100 ticket holders through rigorous G-force testing to prepare them for a space ride. On another front, as part of its publicity campaign, it is offering ticket contests with Nestle in France and UTV in India.

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