FAA Reports Spotlights Key Space Florida Achievements


Today, at the 12th Annual FAA Commercial Space Conference in Arlington, VA, the Association’s Annual “U.S. Commercial Space Transportation Developments and Concepts: Vehicles, Technologies, and Spaceports” Report will be presented to the space industry. The 2009 edition features significant contributions from Space Florida.

In the “Proposed Spaceports” section, the Cape Canaveral Spaceport (including plans for developing Launch Complex 36, recently dedicated to Space Florida by the U.S. Air Force) is featured. Noted in the report is a timeline for completion of Pad A, which is currently slated to support a variety of launch vehicle concepts.

Additional accomplishments highlighted included:

  • The development of the “Florida Space Transportation Initiative” in fall 2008, in conjunction with input from Nevada-based Bigelow Aerospace. This proposed public/private investment fund would support the development of a new orbital space transportation system at Kennedy Space Center.
  • Reusable Launch Vehicle (RLV) Hangar upgrades completed, allowing for fueled-aircraft customers or space tourism vehicles.

“The FAA’s Annual Commercial Space Report is an important resource for the space community, as we move toward innovative approaches to ensuring the U.S. maintains a preeminent role in space,” noted Steve Kohler, Space Florida President. “We are pleased that the FAA views Space Florida’s aggressive development of a globally competitive aerospace that supports Florida and the nation, and look forward to continuing to work with them on getting the commercial space industry moving forward.”