No Lunar Colonies? No Pan Am Rocketplanes? No S***

Over at The Space Review this week, there are some interesting pieces on why, 50 years after NASA was created, there are no colonies at the moon, Mars or L-5. In addition to Nader Elhefnawy’s essay on overpopulation and space exploration (see separate post, below), there are three other articles loosely grouped around this common theme.

Jeff Foust gives some advice to his fellow space advocates, which (dumbing it down a bit) is basically to stop acting like themselves. Or at least change how they’ve been advocating for space in recent years. Apollo is gone, boys and girls, and it’s not coming back.

Meanwhile, Taylor Dinerman has some thoughts about how the still-unnamed NASA Administrator should communicate with the public. Which is to say, different from the last admin communicated. With better comm comes better funding. Or so one hopes.

Meanwhile, Dwayne Day takes a look at how Launch magazine has gone on hiatus for the next few months. It is the latest space magazine to find itself in danger of failing, in large part because the audience for them is so small.  Which, if you think about it, ties into the other essays.