New Book Examines Tourism in Year 2030

World Tourism and the Tourist in 2030
By Ian Yeoman

Chapter 15 explores why the tourist of the future will be interested in sport and how destinations are being shaped by sporting events, in this case London as the venue for the Urban Rat Race. In 2030, the Gleneagles Lunar Space Station will be the world’s most exclusive resort.

On entering the Virgin Galactic spaceship at Auchterarder, space tourists will fasten their seat belt, hear the rockets roar and feel the sudden power of 4G acceleration. As the spaceship reaches the stratosphere they will gaze down on Planet Earth for the most exclusive view in the world. During their stay at the Gleneagles Space Station tourists will enjoy a round of golf, take the lunar buggy out for a spin and float around the leisure complex. Chapter 16 discusses space tourism as a metaphor for the changing concept of luxury and the tourist’s desire for new experiences, whether it be space travel or something rather more down to earth.

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