Space Tourism Experts Brainstorm in Kiruna as Swedish Effort Accelerates

Swedish Space Corporation Update

This week, a two days’ space meeting took place in Kiruna with the objective to develop Kiruna as a Space City. Around 50 persons from the space community and other disciplines all over Sweden gathered to brain storm around three head topics:

Spaceport Sweden – focusing on space flights for tourists from Kiruna in a couple of years.

Space Campus – focusing on all the space activities already going on in Kiruna since more than 50 years

The Space City of Kiruna – focusing on how to make Kiruna even more involved in space activities

The meeting included speeches, workshops and presentations of all ideas that came up during the brain storming session. Two most inspiring speakers participated from a far distance connected by Skype. It was Patricia Hynes from ISPCS in New Mexico and Michael Blum, future space traveller with Virgin Galactic and investor in space tourism, who was connected from California, US.