Virginia Universities, Aerojet Work on Advanced Scramjet

Gift enables research on supersonic engine
Collegiate Times

Aeronautic research conducted by a Virginia Tech and University of Virginia team hopes to lead to a more dependable, efficient and faster operation of aircraft with the help of a recent $50,000 gift from Tech alumni through the Aerojet Corporation.

The members of the Hy-V Program (named for its operation at hypersonic speed, and the state of Virginia) have been using prototypes to collect data in wind-tunnel simulations. Their goal is to advance the development of a new type of propulsion system operated at hypersonic speed, known as a scramjet.

Unlike the propulsion systems of most current turbine jet aircraft, a scramjet engine (or supersonic combustion ramjet), uses almost no moving parts. It instead uses high velocity to compress air for combustion via a tapered inlet. This type of engine would allow more dependable, efficient, and faster operation of aircraft.

“In the future,” said Jack Kennedy, a Gov. Tim Kaine-appointed member of the Virginia Aerospace Advisory Council, “a scramjet could be used in many applications, both commercial and military.”
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