Google Lunar X Prize Update: TeamStellar Back on Track

Rover team back on track after initial delay

One team’s project to send a rover to the moon, which was originally halted due to funding problems, has not stopped TeamSTELLAR members from continuing their race into outer space. The team’s members have finished the rover’s design and are working against 13 other teams, some of which have yet to complete an initial design.

TeamSTELLAR started in Oct. 2007 after Google announced its Lunar X-Prize competition. Richard Dell, program manager, co-founded the team with others dedicated to the world of space and technology.

Dell, who works mostly with the Advanced Vehicle Research Center, is on loan for this project. He spent more than 22 years with IBM starting as a Field Engineer, then in positions as instructor, field manager and program manager for strategic planning and large project management.

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