Garriott: Being a Millionaut is Fun But Not as Easy as it Looks

Austin space tourist shares experience with students
Texas Cable News

Using a toilet in space is harder than it may sound.

“Unlike a toilet here on earth, you can’t just walk up and use the toilet and flush it,” he said. “It’s actually quite complicated. You have to turn on power. You have to put it into automatic mode. You have to turn on a bunch of other switches about how to prepare the toilet. Ultimately, you have to open on a valve creating a suction like a vacuum cleaner, and then finally, you can use the space toilet, but it’s very complicated and a pretty tricky thing to do.”

— Being weightless is fun, but has a down side.

“I actually found it difficult,” he told students. “Even though it’s fun to float around in space, it actually is physically hard on your body. It feels like you’re hanging upside down. It feels like you have a head cold and it takes you a while before you feel good in space. It’s actually challenging. It’s quite hard to live in space.”