Crist: Send Lawyers, Guns and Money (Barack Get Me Out of This)

Florida Gov. Charlie Crist (R) presented President-Elect Barack Obama with a letter today advertising his state as…well, basically broke and in foreclosure.

“The Sunshine State has the third-highest home foreclosure rate in the nation, a 7 percent unemployment rate, and a projected state revenue shortfall of roughly $6 billion for the current and next fiscal year,” Crist wrote.

Quite a way to introduce oneself to the new president. Hopefully, he didn’t include a letter of recommendation from George W. Bush.

Crist actually had a list of things he wants, including federal funds, approval of the Columbian Free Trade Agreement, and help with the economic impacts of the impending shuttle retirement.

“I invite you to join me in Florida for an upcoming launch of the Space Shuttle and to discuss the future of our nation’s space program,” Crist wrote.

Despite party differences, Obama might be in a generous mood. He won the crucial state, and voting went smoothly this time around. Crist’s emergency order to extend early voting hours because of long lines certaintly helped Florida from embarrassing itself once again. The decision infuriated some Republicans, who felt it benefited areas with high Democratic turnouts. But, Crist felt it was the right thing to do. It might help him in his dealings with the new administration.

On the other hand, Crist has been mentioned as one of the GOP’s rising stars and a potential presidential candidate down the road. I think it’s way to early to even speculate on anything like that (four years is several lifetimes in politics), but I guess some people have nothing better to do.