XCOR: Space Travel to Only Cost Tens of Thousands Within 12 Years

The Bakersfield Californian interviewed XCOR COO Andrew Nelson and Business Development Manager Rich Pournelle about space tourism.

Q. How long do you think it will be before space travel is as accessible as commercial flights are to the population now?

A. Nelson: There’s various studies out there. We’ve looked at this one study, called the Futuron study, which said by 2020, there’s an expectation pricing could be down to $50,000, $55,000. I think that’s overshooting it a bit. Competition has an amazing way of driving down price. We’ve built a vehicle we feel is very low cost to operate, more so than our announced competitors.

Pournelle: When space travel gets to the price that people pay for a luxury car, that becomes reachable to a much larger audience.