Officials Believe Problem with Soyuz Re-entries Solved

Why this space ride won’t be so rough
Russians resolve electrical problem with Soyuz craft, NASA official says

James Oberg

“Russian space officials say they solved the problem going forward by making modifications in the spacecraft, starting with the one that was launched this month and will remain attached to the space station until next spring. As for the Soyuz due to come back this week, the Russians say the problem was fixed when an explosive bolt was removed during an emergency spacewalk in July.

“Of course, all this assumes that the problem has been correctly identified. And there’s the rub.

“The supposedly faulty bolt assembly has not yet even been returned to Earth for disassembly and inspection. It will be coming home on the current return mission, and could provide the first real evidence that the theory behind the previous failures (and the justification for the workarounds and repairs) is correct.”