Constellation Update: Ares Passes Initial Review

NASA says Ares rocket is (mostly) OK
Orlando Sentinel

“The rocket that NASA hopes will replace the space shuttle is on track to fly missions by 2015 — with one exception. It still could shake too much.

“Tonight, NASA officials announced that they had finished a preliminary design review — sort of a rough draft for engineers — aimed at checking whether blueprints for the Ares 1 rocket were technically sound and within budget constraints. Everything more or less checked out.”

NASA’s New Rocket Passes Early Design Review

“The rocket slated to launch NASA’s new manned spaceship on missions to Earth orbit and ultimately the moon passed a milestone review late Wednesday, space agency officials said.

“A panel of 24 engineers signed off on the preliminary design review of NASA’s Ares I rocket, the two-stage booster for the agency’s space shuttle replacement – the Orion Crew Exploration Vehicle. NASA hopes to launch the first manned tests of rocket in 2014, four years after its space shuttle fleet retires.”