Missed it by THAT Much!

Well, no surprise here. NASA has slipped the launch of its Orion spacecraft to (maybe) 2015, meaning there will be about a five-year gap between then end of space shuttle missions and the flight of its successor. They’re hoping to get it flying maybe a year earlier, but I’m guessing that 2015 is probably optimistic.

Meanwhile, people in the U.S. are waking up to the potential nightmare of giving an increasingly aggressive Russia a monopoly on human transportation to the International Space Station – a facility largely built with American taxpayers’ money.

The four-year slip can’t be real good for increasingly beleaguered NASA Administrator Mike Griffin, who only took over the agency three years ago. Griffin must be wondering if this is really the dream job he thought it was when he accepted the position.

Thaddeus, Chief of CONTROL, had Maxwell Smart. Griffin has Constellation. I’m not sure which is more exasperating.