Constellation Crumbling

Another week, another crack in NASA’s Constellation facade….

Concerned by reports that the Ares rockets and Orion crew capsule are beset by cost overruns, schedule delays and complex technical woes, [Buzz] Aldrin says he wants to create a panel of experts to make sure that Constellation is the right way to go.

“‘We need to stick with the mission but rethink some of the ways we implement it,’ said Aldrin, the second man to walk on the moon. ‘It doesn’t pay to stick with a bad idea.'”

Chief Engineer outlines Ares I-X issues – includes Thrust Oscillation

“A report from Ares I-X’s Chief Engineer has called for the strengthening of the vehicle’s hardware, due to the red risks associated with Thrust Oscillation near the end of first stage burn – which is also threatening the vehicle’s Flight Termination System (FTS) components.

“The vehicle is also requiring mitigation of other multiple issues and concerns – found during the vehicle’s Critical Design Review (CDR) Phase II meeting, though launch remains on track for the Spring of 2009.”