Parabolas: Russian Space Spending to Double, NASA Must Spend More on Orion

Russia to Double Space Exploration Expenditure in 2009 – Agency

“Russian budgetary expenditure on space exploration will more than double in 2009, Federal Space Agency Deputy Director Vitaly Davydov told Interfax- AVN at the Farnborough Air Show.

“‘The Finance Ministry has informed us of budgetary allocations planned for the federal space program in 2009. I am glad to say that the allocations will more than double,’ he said.”

Orion program over budget, behind schedule
Florida Today

The cost problems include an $80 million overrun on a motor system. The Orion spacecraft’s current design remains too heavy for the proposed Ares 1 rocket. Software development, heat-shield testing and a host of other complex work remains either behind schedule or over budget. Those are just a few of dozens of serious challenges and issues, many of which are noted as ‘worsening.’

NASA has repeatedly stressed its aggressive internal 2013 target required few technical surprises and stable budget. The new report indicates neither of those conditions exist.