New Coalition to Push for Cheap Access to Space


Nyack, NY, July 16, 2008 – A broad array of not-for-profit organizations will announce the creation of a National Coalition for Cheap and reliable Access to Space (CATS) on July 17th at the NewSpace 2008 Conference. The Coalition will sponsor a National Summit on CATS in the battleground state of Ohio on October 7th & 8th, one month before the presidential election, and will deliver a Declaration for CATS to the next President of the United States.

The initial members of the National Coalition for CATS include the Space Frontier Foundation, the Ohio Aerospace Institute, the National Space Society, the California Space Authority, the NewSpace Alliance, the Progress & Freedom Foundation, the Space Studies Institute, the Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (SEDS), the Space Power Association, the Spaceward Foundation, the Space Generation Advisory Council, the Moon Society, the Aerospace Technology Working Group, and the Committee for the Advocacy of Space Exploration. Ohio State University, in Columbus, Ohio, will be the host of the Summit.

Charles Miller, the coordinator of the National Coalition for CATS, said: “Cheap and reliable access to space, or CATS, is something that nearly all space organizations can agree is very important to the future of our nation in space. All roads to a hopeful future in space go through cheap access to space.”

The National Coalition for CATS, working with leading figures across the space community, will collaborate over the next twelve weeks to develop a “National Declaration for Cheap and reliable Access to Space (CATS).” The CEOs of non-profit and for-profit companies will be invited to sign the Declaration, and will deliver this declaration to the next President of the U.S. after the November election.

To follow the activities of the National Coalition for CATS, or to acquire more information on the Declaration for CATS as it is developed, visit For information on the National Summit on CATS, visit

Additional statements from members of the National Coalition for CATS follow below:

Michael Heil, President of the Ohio Aerospace Institute, stated: “The next President of the United States needs to know that Ohio is an aerospace state that cares about growing the aerospace economy, and new high-wage aerospace jobs. Radically lower cost space access will enable rapid growth in existing markets, and create entire new industries. CATS will help create new high-wage jobs in the state of Ohio and for the rest of America.”

Bob Werb, Chairman of the Space Frontier Foundation, stated: “Without cheap access to space, we will never achieve the enormous promise of space. CATS is critical to opening the space frontier to the American people. If Senators McCain or Obama want to use space to inspire the next generation of Americans to study math and science, we need to make the space frontier accessible to thousands and ten-of-thousands of Americans every year.

Mark Hopkins, Senior Vice President of the National Space Society (NSS), stated: “CATS is critical to our nation’s security and economic development, to helping protect the environment, and to expanding our knowledge of the Universe. Most importantly to the members of the NSS, CATS is a requirement for the large-scale human settlement of space.”

Berin Szoka, Visiting Fellow at the Progress & Freedom Foundation (PFF), said: “For fifteen years, PFF has promoted free market public policies related to technology and innovation and space policy is a natural extension of this mission. I am proud to join in developing a new policy paradigm for the commercial space revolution. Only a revolution in the cost of space access will unleash the full potential of private enterprise in space and make it possible to tap the vast economic potential of the solar system, thereby sustaining our declared national policy of extending human presence across the solar system.”

Jeff Feige, Executive Director of the NewSpace Alliance, stated: “Cheap Access to Space is critical to the national and economic security of America. In January 2001, the bipartisan Commission to Assess United States National Security Space Management and Organization concluded that we are risking a Pearl Harbor in space. CATS gives us the capability to rapidly replenish and replace those satellites in orbit, which eliminates the temptation to attack our satellites in the first place. In other words, CATS is a stabilizing deterrent that could prevent a war in space.”

Joshua Nelson, Chairman of SEDS-USA, said, “Cheap and reliable Access to Space will provide unprecedented opportunities for education in space science and engineering. Since the early 90s students from rich universities have been launching satellites into LEO. CATS will allow students of all economic standings to participate in the adventure of space exploration.”