Now They Tell Us: Bush Administration Releases Worrisome Climate Change Study Four Years Late

The Bush Administration released a new report that predicts large and harmful environmental and health impacts of human-caused global warming in the United States. The summary report, which by law must be released every four years, was completed only after a court challenge from environmental groups.

The New York Times reports:

“The last such assessment, undertaken in the Clinton administration and published in 2000, was attacked by groups and industries opposing restrictions on greenhouse gases. References to it were deleted from some government reports by political appointees in the White House.

“Environmental groups sued to force the completion of a new study. In court, the White House contended that a series of more than 20 studies requested by President Bush in 2003 satisfied the 1990 law, but Judge Saundra Brown Armstrong of Federal District Court for the Northern District of California rejected that assertion last August and ordered a comprehensive assessment to be published by the end of May.”