TGV Rockets, South Korean Firm Team Up on Engine for Tourism Project

In an effort to jump-start a stalled space tourism project, TGV Rockets is teaming up with Seoul-based Challenge & Space to “Americanize” the South Korean company’s rocket engine, Aviation Week reports.

AirBoss Aerospace chose the Chase 10 engine for its four-seat Proteus suborbital space vehicle in 2005. However, the project has been held up due to U.S. government concerns over foreign sourcing of the rocket technology.

“We’d like to Americanize the engine, and run it through tests with more U.S. content to eventually make it a U.S.-certified engine,” C&S research engineer David Riseborough told AvWeek.

TGV is leading the effort to obtain certification for the methane-liquid oxygen engine. The Oklahoma company is looking for contracts stateside; one possibility is the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory’s $70 million Fully Reusable Access to Space Technology (FAST) program, which is developing technology for aircraft-type operation.