Politics, Presidents and the Vision: Where is the U.S. Headed?

The Space Review has some interesting essays this week concerning America’s future in space.

The Vision for Space Exploration and the retirement of the Baby Boomers (Part 2)
As the Bush Administration winds down, Jeff Foust and Charles Miller look at the substantial gap between the president’s bold vision for space exploration and the nation’s budgetary realities as millions of Baby Boomers begin to retire. It’s not looking real good, but they have a solution (which, of course, they will reveal in Part 2).

Obama’s Modest Proposal: No Hue, No Cry? (Part 2)
Greg Zsidisin finishes his look at how Bush’s vision might fare under a Barack Obama presidency and explores why space advocacy groups seem “pretty mum” despite the enormous stakes of this election.

Introducing the Committee for the Advocacy of Space Exploration
Jeff Brooks explains what this new political action committee is doing to promote space development.

Point-to-point suborbital spaceflight and military logistics

Taylor Dinerman takes a look at whether the military could help jump start point-to-point travel on Earth.