Commercial Space Still Searching for Big VC Investments

Although much money has been invested in start-up commercial space companies, the industry has yet to attract the mainstream venture capitalists who fueled the development of computers and the Internet, Investor’s Business Daily reports.

However, experts believe that the time isn’t too far off when venture capitalists will put serious money into the field.

“The investment community has very much a herd mentality, and what we need is a Netscape event,” said X-Prize founder Peter Diamandis, referring to the Internet pioneer’s initial public offering. “Until then, (this industry) will rely on private benefactors who are very passionate about space.”

National Space Society Executive Director George Whitesides, who also is a consultant for Virgin Galactic, agreed. “We’re at a dynamic moment in space history. We have a handful of very credible players who very soon will start launching things and people into space,” he said.