ISU to Host Google Lunar X Prize Team Summit in May


The first ever Google Lunar X PRIZE Team Summit is a unique opportunity for official teams, potential teams and team members, government and industry experts, and potential suppliers and customers to meet and discuss the competition with each other and with key X PRIZE Foundation leaders. Over two days – May 20-21, 2008 – a series of workshops and panels will serve both to collect input from teams about the guidelines for the prize and to provide information that will help each team successfully bring their dreams to fruition.

Summit events and panel topics will include:

  • Rules and Guidelines Workshop
  • Lessons Learned from Historical Lunar Missions
  • Launch and Communications
  • Future Customers
  • Team Announcement Media Event

The Google Lunar X PRIZE is an international competition—so what host venue could be better than the campus of the International Space University? Located just outside of Strasbourg, France, ISU provides an excellent working environment—as well as beautiful tourist sites for attendees to enjoy after the sessions are over.

A media event will be held at the beginning of the Summit on Wednesday morning, May 21st. Registered Teams (including those previously announced and new Teams) will have the opportunity to present themselves to European media and take questions. One-on-one interviews will follow.

The event format will be similar to that of the Team Announcement at Google Headquarters that took place on Feb. 21. For potential teams not yet fully registered, if you would like to take part in our Team Announcement event, please be sure to submit your complete Registration Application (available here) no later than April 18, 2008.

Event registration is on a first-come, first-served basis and capacity is limited. If capacity is not reached prior to the Summit, on-site registration will be available for an additional charge.

There will be a small fee to attend the Team Summit for most attendees. Registered Teams and Preferred Providers are permitted to bring several members at no cost. Details are provided on the registration page.