Space Tourism Roundup

A brief round-up of some recent developments on the space tourism front:

The Daily Record has an interview with Virgin Galactic President Will Whitehorn. The Edinburgh-born Scot recalls his excitement at the age of 9 when he watched Neil Armstrong and Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin walk on the moon. Now he’s getting his chance to make space travel a dream for people who are not astronauts.

Meanwhile, space tourist Richard Garriott has teamed up with the Challenge Center for a joint education program. Garriott will give science lessons during his flight to the International Space Station in October. Students also are encouraged to submit questions to Garriott through their local Challenger Centers. The astronaut will hold several live conversations with students and Challenger Centers during his flight.

The Challenger Center also is sponsoring a competition for students of all ages to submit designs for a t-shirt or mission match that would represent Garriott’s educational activities during the flight.